How do I go about booking a party?

All it takes is one phone call to have them bouncing off our walls instead of yours!
Contact us at 903-279-1308 (Party Central) or fill out our Reservation Form to discuss availability and book your party.
We can book your party over the phone if you have a credit card for your deposit!

How much of a deposit is required in order to book the party?

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party spot.

When is final payment due for a party?

Final payment is due in full on the date of your party.   In addition to cash and personal checks we also accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover.  Party balances paid by debit/credit card will be assessed a 4% processing fee.  There is no processing fee assessed on the $100.00 deposit.   We gladly accept personal checks; there is a $30.00 charge for returned checks.

How far in advance should I book my party?

Weekends tend to be our busiest days, Saturday in particular.  We would recommend booking 4-6 weeks in advance if you are interested in a Saturday party.    Haven’t planned that far in advance?  Give us a call anyway…hopefully we can help you out!

How many guests can I invite to the party?

This number varies based on the party package you have selected.    Party size must be selected at the time of reservation and may not be changed once the reservation has been made.  Party packages include:

  • Jack’s Mega Party Exclusive includes up to 30 children (including the birthday child).  Additional children are covered for $10.00 per child.  We aren’t concerned with the number of adults, within reason.  If you are expecting more than 40 adults please let us know in advance.
  • Jack’s Mega Party Shared includes up to 24 children (including the birthday child) and up to 24 adults.  No additional children are allowed with the Mega Party Shared.  Also, because this is a shared party, the number of adult guests must be limited to no more than 24.
  • Jack’s Mini Party includes up to 15 children (including the birthday child) and up to 15 adults.  Available Saturday and Sunday.  No additional children are allowed with the Mini Party.  Also, because this is a shared party, the number of adult guests must be limited to no more than 15. 
Will my party be private?

The Mega Party Shared and the Mini Party both include “shared” time in the jump arena and “exclusive” use of one of the party rooms.  Shared parties are coordinated by common ages of the birthday children (within 2 years of age).  Our Mega Party Exclusive is a private party with exclusive use of the arena and party room.

How long is each party?

Each party is two hours in length.  Guests spend 1 hour and 15 minutes in the arena and 45 minutes in the party room.

How early should guests arrive for my party?

Guests should plan on arriving no more than 5-10 minutes before the party starts.  This will allow all guests ample time to check in with their waivers and be ready for the fun once the party starts!

Are guests required to sign a waiver?

Yes.  No one is allowed in the jump arena without a signed waiver.   Waivers may be picked up from Jumpin’ Jack’s and may also be printed from our website.

Do guests need a separate waiver if they are in the same family?

No.  Family members are covered on one waiver.

Will there be someone to help with my party?

Yes. Each party has its own Party Hostess. The Party Hostess will be with you from guest check-in to party close and will help with all aspects of the party. This includes transitioning guests from the arena to the party room, serving cake and drinks, completing the gift list, and more.

Am I allowed to tip the individual(s) assisting with my party?

Yes. Your Hostess will work hard to ensure your party is a success and tipping is greatly appreciated! You may tip your Hostess directly or include it with your final payment.

As party host, what will I need to provide for the party?
  • Cake, cupcakes or cookie cake
  • Candles
  • Socks – Everyone will need a pair of socks to jump and it’s not uncommon for guests to forget theirs. Please bring several pair of extra socks just in case.
  • Bottled water – Because of the unsanitary nature of drinking fountains and the issue of wet socks, we do not have a drinking fountain. It is suggested you bring bottled water for your guests who are jumping.
What does our party package include?
  • Decorative plates, napkins, and forks
  • 1 serving of punch per child
  • Lighter and serving utensils…also, a cupcake stand is available if you’re bringing cupcakes
  • Party hostess
  • Set-up and clean-up!
Can I bring soft drinks, etc?

Because we offer a wide variety of soft drinks, bottled water, and sports drinks, we do not allow outside beverages (other than bottled water).

After going into the party room, are my guests allowed back into the arena to play if time allows?

Each 2 hour party consists of 1 hour and 15 minutes in the arena and 45 minutes in the party room.  Once the party moves into the party room guests are not allowed back into the arena.

Can I bring my own food?

As a convenience to our guests, some outside food is allowed provided the following rules are followed:

  • Outside food may not be taken into the arena
  • Food items must be kept simple (i.e., pizza, sandwiches, etc.)   If you are having pizza, the timing is very important since you spend the first 1 hour and 15 minutes of your party in the arena and will not be eating the pizza until you go into the party room.  Please make certain you time the delivery accordingly.
  • Large quantities of food and/or food that requires cooking in a microwave or crock pot is notallowed.  If you are planning on bringing something other than pizza or sandwiches please discuss this with Jumpin’ Jack’s management prior to your party.  If these items are not approved in advance you will not be allowed to bring these items into the facility.
  • If you are bringing sub-sandwiches they must be pre-sliced.  Also, the condiments provided on the side for the sandwiches may not contain onions.  The odor is too strong and lingers in the party room for the remainder of the day.  Please alert the sandwich maker that the onions must be left out.  If they are included you will not be allowedto bring the container into the facility.
  • Ice cream is not allowed
  • If you are bringing outside food you must also bring the necessary plates, napkins, forks, etc.   There will be a service charge if these items are provided by JJPS.
  • Please note that 45 minutes are allotted for the party room.  If you are serving food you should take into consideration that this will affect the amount of time available for cake and gifts and plan accordingly.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  There will be a $10.00 set-up/clean-up charge when outside food (other than additional dessert) is brought into the facility.
Can I serve alcohol for my adult guests?

No.  We are a child-centered facility and alcohol is not allowed at Jumpin’ Jack’s.

What decorations can I bring?

Guests are free to bring hats and noisemakers.  We do not allow silly string, bubbles, confetti, or pinatas.

Can I bring in my own goodie bags?

Yes.  We also offer decorative cookies which are an inexpensive alternative to goodie bags!   The price of the cookie is dependent upon size and average $1.50 per cookie.  Each cookie is individually wrapped and tied with coordinating ribbon.  Cookie themes include flowers, butterflies, sports, action heroes, etc.

Is Jumpin’ Jack’s a non-smoking facility?


Where is Jumpin’ Jack’s Party Shack located?

We are located at 1505 E. Grande Blvd., Tyler, TX.  We are 1.2 miles off of Broadway, almost to Paluxy.